Tennis Stringing Machine – Is it Worth It?

If you have played tennis for awhile, you have probably been annoyed when you have to bring your tennis rackets with broken strings to your local stringer. You typically have to pay at least 10 dollars to get your racket restrung. After doing this for awhile, you will ask yourself if investing in a tennis stringing machine is worth it.

I have been in your shoes, and I can assure you that it is definitely worth it! I hated bringing my rackets to Oshmans or Academy because they were so inconsistent in stringing my rackets. Also, I had to more more than I thought it was worth. After playing a few games, my strings would start moving and sometimes break after just playing a few sets!

That is when I started to do some research online and find out how much a tennis stringer is. I was caught up on deciding between a Klippermate and a X-stringer. The Gamma X-stringer is a little bit more expensive compared to the Klippermate, but I am a happy camper. I purchased it at holabird sports, and it was great because the shipping was free! The local tennis shop in Houston was going to charge me fifty dollars for shipping!

It cost me around 150 dollars, but I have strung around 30 rackets already! Plus, I am making a little bit of money on the side because my friends prefer that I string their rackets as opposed to getting it strung at Academy or Oshman’s.

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This post was written by amflores on October 25, 2009