How To Hit A Forehand

The forehand move is certainly popular in the game of Tennis. This maneuver is ordinarily used to hit the ball diagonally over the net. The forehand stroke refers to hitting the ball when your forearm is facing the net. When the ball is on the side of your body holding the racket (right side if you are right handed, left side if you are left handed) you will be using the forehand. To complete a superb forehand stroke, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get ready and get in position. If you know the ball is going to your good side, adjust to hit a forehand. First, side step (or shuffle) over to the ball. At this point your body should be facing the net, but remember to keep your eyes on the ball.

Step 2: Open up your stance. This is the part where you need to rotate yourself sideways. To do this, turn your backfoot so it is parallel with the baseline and the net. At the same time, take a small step forward with your other foot (this foot will be your left if you are right handed, or your right foot if you are left handed). Bend your knees and prepare for the ball to enter into your hitting range.

Step 3: Make contact with the ball. This step should follow less than a few seconds after the second step. Your swing of the racket should follow your step forward, causing the whole procedure to be one, fluent motion.  Your racket should follow an upside down arc pattern. The stroke should start up high about shoulder height, swing down to below the waist, and then be traveling upwards again when it makes contact with the ball. Topspin is your goal when playing Tennis.

Step 4: Follow through. After the contact is made, make sure you follow through with a full stroke. Do not simply make contact with the ball and then freeze. Rather, keep your arm moving until the slice is completed, and then prepare yourself for the ball to be hit back. Great job, you completed a forehand slice!

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Amelie Mauresmo Groundstrokes

Here is some great footage on Amelie’s beautiful groundies.

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