Why you do not do what you already know

It is a beautiful thing when you implement ideas and methods that you’ve been studying for so long. Learning is doing. If you are not putting your ideas and education to work you are not learning. I was playing a friend that I usually have a very difficult time beating. My friend hits with a ton of topspin and will sit behind the baseline with very heavy strokes and bang it out for hours. These kind of players are tough because they wait for you to make errors and eventually win by averages. I am more of an agressive player with an all court game and tend to make alot errors and winners.

I decided to try something different yesterday and it made all the difference in the world. Instead of going for 100% on every shot I decided to scale back a little to may 70% or so. This strategy is nothing new. In fact I learned this early on in my tennis life. After watching the US Open last week and admiring Sam Querry’s composed game. I realized that you do not have to go for too much on every shot. Sam uses this technique so well. Sam would work the ball and move his opponents around and then unleash that huge forehand. This technique makes it very difficult for your opponent to get into a rhythm.

I beat my friend 6-1/6-1 yesterday with this technique. Try it yourself and share your results.

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This post was written by amflores on September 13, 2008

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Welcome to Tennisads.com

Welcome to tennisads. My name is Anthony Flores and my objective for this tennis website is to provide an interactive experience to the tennis world by use of free tennis video and visitor comments and feedback. With the birth of YouTube and technology it has never been a better time to air my library of video clips that I have personally shot over the last 6 years. In 2004 I launched my first website at the time which was actually a forum called tennisgods.com. The forum business is a tough one especially when there are other forums on the internet that attract highly respectable posters. My idea at that time was to post all of my videos and analyze player’s tennis racquets. The forum was actually doing quite well for a while but it was extremely difficult to bring board members back and get the flow of traffic coming, thus offering an exciting and interactive board. Unfortunately, the birth of tennisgods ended 1 ½ years later. It was too much to handle with numerous hackers flooding the boards with solicitations and software vulnerabilities. My tennis forum dream was over.

For the last three years I have always had the desire to start my own tennis related site. It’s not hard to know what your purpose is when you constantly have this desire to give back with my overwhelming love for the game. It doesn’t hurt that I have a background in website design and Development.

I picked up the game of tennis later in my adult life. I used to play for the fun of it with my older brother and a couple friends. For some reason my love for this game continued to grow and through this love I have been able continue my journey as a tennis player, enthusiast and tennis freak. I really learned the game of tennis the hard way. I would slap on one of my favorite matches and study the strokes of Pete Sampras, Petr Korda, Gustavo Kuerten and Patrick Rafter. Unfortunately I suffered several injuries including a fractured knee, fracture of the wrist, and a really bad back strain. I truly believe most of these injuries were directly related to poor form and technique. With all of the injuries combined I probably lost a good year and a half of tennis play. Injuries are always so difficult to deal with. Especially when you have this burning desire to play the game. I specifically remember spending the whole summer in 2000 doing foot work drills. I am so fortunate to live in southern California where you can play tennis all year round. There are courts everywhere in the Los Angeles area. Most of the courts are public and for the most part, in very good condition.

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This post was written by amflores on September 2, 2008

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